I am a Web Developer by way of Classical Studies and the craft coffee industry - a background which has made me highly adaptable, self-motivated, and well-versed in critical problem solving and collaboration.

As someone who is extremely organized and detail-oriented, I have a deep love of the intricacies behind the creative process; these artistic and logical aspects of myself have been provided an excellent outlet via coding, a field in which I am excited to continue to grow and learn.

With an educational foundation in the arts and humanities, I have the benefit of being a very well-rounded developer with a unique approach to tackling technical problems, and possess creative insights into the user experience and final product of any projects I work on.

My time in the service and specialty coffee industries has given me invaluable expertise in customer and vendor relations, team building, leadership, and flexibility. Being intensely curious by nature, I flourish in situations requiring me to think outside the box, and am quick to try a new approach to any concept.



Mise En.

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

As an avid amateur chef, I was inspired to create an app that would help me in my culinary endeavours - specifically, in organizing my kitchen and pantry so I would always know what ingredients I had on hand and where they were.

Mise En. is an app that allows users to input their grocery items, keep inventory on quantity, and place them in multiple customized kitchen locations. A user may then search for items by either name or location. It also has grocery lists for when you run out of something, as well as a recipe search that suggests recipes based on ingredients that you already have on hand.

Mise En. is built using Ruby on Rails, with a Postgres database and a frontend constructed in Vue.js. It uses the Food2Fork API for recipe searches from a database of over 500,000 recipes from popular cooking sites.




Ever had moments of indecision or disagreements on what to have for dinner? What.The.Food?! is an app designed to decide for you by playing a game of twenty questions (some food related - some not!) with the results being everything you didn't know you wanted.

Each question is randomly generated from a database of hundreds of questions, where both the question and the answer options are linked to specific search query parameters in the Yelp API. Answers are stored in localhost, tallied, and ranked, with scores for the top-ranked search paramaters sent to the YELP API and returning the top restaurants within a delivery radius to the user's current location.

What.The.Food?! is built using Ruby on Rails, with a Postgres database and a frontend constructed in Vue.js, bundled with Webpack. It uses the Yelp API for local restaurants results, which are generated based on a query-answer paramater linking to filter suggestions by categories such as cuisine, establishment type, distance, and wait times.


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